Airplane Noise Pollution/Toxic Emissions – A NYC Council Issue

The aircraft noise pollution and toxic emissions created by new FAA flight patterns are not just “a federal issue.” New York City, as the “landlord” of its airports, has control over how they are used. Aircraft and airport operators must abide by local environmental and noise regulations.

The new FAA NextGen technology was fast tracked through Congress in 2012 without public hearings or environmental impact statements. New Yorkers must demand that New York politicians do their part to mitigate the damage.

The NYC Council did a study seven years ago. You can read it by following this link: Seven years ago the City Council ordered a study on aircraft noise.  But it hasn’t yet implemented any of its recommendations.

Tell your New York City Council member to take action.  Find out who your member is here:

The Council can study options in the current airpost leases which require all airports operators – including airlines – to comply with all environmental regulations and other laws promulgated by any legal entity, including the City Council.

It can tell the FAA and the Port Authority to use NextGen’s precise navigation to guide airplanes up the East and Hudson Rivers, and along the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and other nonresidential pathways.

The New York City Council has a mandate to protect the health and safety of New Yorkers.

Make your voice heard.



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