More Low-Flying Airplanes… More Noise… More Toxic Emissions…

You’re walking down the street and you look up at the sky — it seems like the airplanes are flying much lower than you remembered. You can see the tail markings quite clearly. And it seems that they’re coming in more frequently, every 60 seconds or so.

That’s exactly what’s happening – in NYC and around the nation. Here’s why.

The Federal Aeronautics Administration (FAA) has been implementing NextGen, its new air traffic control system. NextGen was “fast tracked” through Congress in 2012 with no public hearings or environmental impact statements.  It’s a precision navigation system guided via satellite, not ground-based radar. Aircraft can fly lower and closer together, as you’ve noticed.

But concentrating large numbers of commercial jetliners in low-altitude “highways in the sky” over residential areas is an environmental disaster.  People on the ground are suffering the ill effects of the toxic emissions and noise pollution.

Irate citizens in Charlotte, North Carolina, are protesting the pollution caused by NextGen; so are people in Maryland, Chicago, Boston and Seattle, among others. Online petitions opposing aircraft pollution and noise have garnered nearly 37,000 signatures so far, according to a running total on 

We will keep you posted on what’s happening.

For more information, see 



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